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Grant Spotlight: The Earth in Our Solar System

With the help of a WEST grant written by Ms. DeTrolio the 6th grade students explore the galaxy in Boston!

Last Spring, the 6th graders witnessed the lives and deaths of stars, saw newly discovered solar systems, and explored the Milky Way—all without ever leaving Earth. Thanks to a WEST-funded grant written by Ms. DeTrolio to align with the new science standards, the 6th grade faculty took students on a trip to The Hayden Planetarium and Museum of Science to gain an interactive, hands-on learning experience focused on our home planet’s place in the universe. “Students loved going to the MOS and the planetarium was fantastic!” said DeTrolio.

With a number of interactive exhibits available, the children were able to gain a physical understanding of our solar system and how our planet compares to its stellar neighbors, nearby galaxies, and beyond. One of the reasons DeTrolio wrote the grant was that the experience allowed students to “see some great visual models of the solar system and understand what we are talking about in the classroom. Space can be a difficult topic for students to really understand and there are things at the museum that we just can’t replicate at school.” Things like squeezing into an Apollo Command Module and watching the first moon landing from the cockpit? Or programming a Mars Rover and seeing firsthand the challenges faced by engineers designing these robots to investigate other planets? Or maybe using scaled models to calculate how long it would take to get to Saturn and back? Yes—and more! WEST was thrilled to send Roderick’s 6th graders to explore the universe. With WPS’s talented, enthusiastic teachers and your continued support, Andromeda is the limit for quality education in Wrentham!



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