WEST Corporate Supporter Spotlight: Wrentham Cooperative Bank

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WEST would like to thank the Wrentham Cooperative Bank and its President and Chief Executive Officer Scott Terrien for their ongoing commitment to our mission. Mr. Terrien spoke enthusiastically about the exciting projects WEST has supported and his appreciation for having a say in which projects are funded. “Our schools do an awesome job. WEST provides supplemental funding so our teachers can do some great projects,” he boasts. “As a community bank, this is exactly what we’re here for.”


When asked what he’d like to see more of, Terrien highlighted opportunities to teach personal finances. “If there are projects to help build financial literacy, I think that’s important,” he explains. “The earlier we can get to these kids and start teaching fundamentals, the better.” Big thanks to Scott and the Wrentham Cooperative Bank for their continued support!